A Dozen of Sins

You have the right to say that I'm chocolate overdose over the few days since last weekend. I simply have too many cooking chocolates in the fridge. I have cooking chocolate bars, semi sweet chocolate chips, dark chocolate chunks... I am kinda determined to finish them :P

So, today I made chocolate cookies after the breakfast (Psst, guess what we had for breakfast, the chocolate toast!)
 photo chocookies01_zps60e684a6.jpg
Totally sinful
 photo chocookies02_zpsbfff6a54.jpg
A dozen of sins
 photo chocookies04_zps832a3e42.jpg
Goes well with a glass of milk
 photo chocookies07_zpsac6a3384.jpg
Gave in to the temptation, ate as I took photos
 photo chocookies05_zps730e1a30.jpg
 photo chocookies08_zpsb400c130.jpg
Now you see, now you don't!

I won't say it's the best in town, but I can surely tell you it's quite decent cookies for a first timer. I think it can be less sweet, I've already reduced the sugar amount compared to what is being recommended, but I think I can reduce further more.

Anyway, this is the recipe. The full recipe yields 2 dozen of cookies. As usual, for a first time, I'll make only half recipe, so therefore, I have a dozen of sins sitting in my kitchen now. Not for long though.


Chocolate Toast

我在家从来都不肚子饿。家里的食物实在太多,都是我两groceries shopping的时候,有点冲动之下买的。饿了不怕,去厨房走一趟,肯定有吃的;肚子不饿,看见满橱满柜的食物,也会让人食指大动!


今天,我对chocolate toast蠢蠢欲动。(Flipboard 上的食谱看多了,也不见得是好事 :P)

  1. 面包(要吃几片就几片嘛!)
  2. 鸡蛋一颗
  3. 牛奶少许
  4. Cooking chocolate (我的雪柜里又颗状的,也有bar,我选择颗状的)
  5. 牛油少许
  1. 鸡蛋和牛奶搅合
  2. 热锅,把少许牛油放入锅内
  3. 面包沾蛋汁,然后下锅
  4. 将巧克力均匀的散布在面包上
  5. 再将另一片面包沾蛋汁,盖在巧克力上
  6. 每一面大约烤2-3分钟(以锅的热度自己拟定)
 photo choctoast01_zps6cfaedaf.jpg
 photo choctoast02_zps922e6169.jpg


明天可以做这个让男人当早餐 :)


Orange, Kiwi, Banana Smoothie

What happens when you have two new toys within three days? You try to fully utilize them.

I've got a new blender in the kitchen so that I can make smoothie. I made the first smoothie on Sunday morning, it was okay but not great. I had only 3 oranges in the fridge at that point of time and I was too eager to drink, I didn't blend them long enough.

So, I decided to try them again today after work. For servings of 2.

  1. Two oranges, one kiwi, one medium sized banana. Dice them into cubes.
  2. A little bit of honey for the taste.
  3. Milk for the liquid portion, as much as you like. You can add in more when you find that the mixture is too thick. (Recipes on the web recommend to add packaged juices too, but I've totally forgotten about them)
  4. 1 tablespoon of plain yoghurt (I didn't add a lot because The Man doesn't fancy yoghurt ): )
  5. Put everything into the blender, and turn on the high power.
  6. Blend until they're smooth together.
  7. Pour into a glass with ice (Alternatively, you can blend the ice together, I just didn't like it that way)
 photo smoothie01_zps24be5b12.jpg

 photo smoothie02_zpsa9574e0c.jpg
Smoothie and the ingredients

How did I utilize two toys at the same time?

After I blended them, I took pictures of my smoothie with my photobox :)

Wonderful evening :P


My New Toy

Last year December, I tried to make my own photo box to take pictures of objects and food. It wasn't great, mainly my craftsmanship was really bad. Besides, problem with mahjong papers, they turned yellow pretty fast. My photo box wasn't a good set up, I ended up throwing them away to recycle bin.

Not long after that, Kia Hooi informed me that there was promotion on Groupon. I hurried up and bought them. But damn, after I paid and excitedly waiting for the delivery of my virgin Groupon order, they've emailed me that it's out of stock and refunded me the money. I was pissed but I decided to watch out for other promotion.

And this month, I found one! Even better one because it's a full set: a photobox, with 4 backdrop colours, 2 tungsten lights and a mini stand for camera at $33.80! That's a better deal than the last one! I was skeptical but I bought them anyway!

Today, I've got my order! Yippy!
 photo trial01_zps96a31788.jpg
First trial

First trial was done without any backdrop and without camera stand. Therefore the angle was a little higher.

 photo setup_zpsdf6757f1.jpg
Simple set up for my second trial

 photo trial02_zpsc30ebbb1.jpg
Taken at a better angle

Second set up, I used my Ikea blanket as backdrop (please forgive me for the crumpled blanket). And I used the mini stand (which is not stable) for the better angle.

I played a few more setups but my battery went flat. So, I guess I can only continue tomorrow. With food perhaps.

Anyway, anybody can please advice me if I can iron the backdrop cloths that come with the set?

All in all, I'm satisfied with this purchase, I'm really glad I bought them and insisted to carry this set back home today to play with. Happy happy!


Flourless Chocolate Cake

 photo chocake02_zps853770d2.jpg
My first flourless chocolate cake

Been eye-ing on this flourless chocolate cake, but haven't got the time to start making it until last night. (Yeah, I have a funny habit of baking at night for some unknown reasons)

Flourless is really wonderful, no frills and less mess. With only three ingredients in total, it really didn't look too difficult. It only takes 15-20minutes in the oven, but requires an overnight chill in the fridge.

The chilling part is really hard for me because I always like to know how my cake turns out to be. But to wait for it overnight, is.... really.... not something I want! But oh well, it turned out fine :P

Because this is my first time, I only use half of the recipe, that's why my cake appeared to be so thin slice. I googled for a few recipe before coming to this, which I think is easy enough for a first timer to try out.

But, obviously I left out the chocolate glazing and decoration.

Try it :)
 photo chocake01_zps66d5459f.jpg
It'll be nice with a cup of espresso

 photo chocake03_zps71aac653.jpg
(I'm waiting for my photobox delivery for better food photos)


Love of My Life

Saw some drafts stuck in there forever and not being published. Decided to clear them up and stumbled upon this.
It's been 3 years since I wrote this, but the content is still relevant till today.


Being constantly away from home, for the past 8 years (I found this post stuck in draft since year 2011, it's 11years now), I've never know how not to be home sick.

I have never lived out of the fear, that one day something happened at home, I am always the last one to know. I am always the last one to reach. I am always the last one.

I always wish to be there. But I always missed. The birthdays. The examination stresses. The fun and parties. The celebration. The problems and hiccups.

Sometimes I do wonder, why am I doing here so far away from home? Is my work and career here particularly important? Is this so significant that I can't leave? Will I be regret one day?

I know I do not have the answer for myself now.

But I always want them to know, I love them.

They are the love of my life.







为了这种加倍的感觉,我往往还是克制着自己,还是乖一点比较好。这样子,是加倍的放心 :)


 photo walking_zps13c8702e.jpg



瑜伽老师总是说,This is the only time you're breathing for someone else。谁说不是?


Things I Miss Occasionally as a Pregnant Woman (con't)

To follow up the list I created last night (I knew there are more!).

No. 10: I miss jumping/dancing
I don't really dance or jump a lot, at least not in public eye. However, occasionally when I'm in the mood, and when there's nobody at home. I blast the speakers with my favourite tunes that fit the mood and start randomly skipping, dancing, moving around the house. This, is another "no no" while I'm pregnant, and I kinda miss it.
 photo jump_zpse165231a.jpg
Jump shots I did with my bro in Ayutthaya are probably the last jump I've had

Some time down the road, I will get to do it like Carlton again, well, not as dramatic as he is! But I'm sure you get the idea now :)


Things I Miss Occasionally as a Pregnant Woman

I'm 25 weeks and 5 days pregnant today.

There are so many things a pregnant woman can't do. And occasionally, I do miss some of them.
  1. The runny egg yolks
    From egg Benedict or simply sunny side up or half boiled eggs! Even though this list is not created to priority, but this definitely goes to the top of the list. Eggs and potatoes are always my favourite food. Not being able to eat eggs in the way I like, is a torture. Fully cooked eggs are so boring!
     photo 3_zpsceba1ad5.jpg
    Even the failed Onsen Tamago I failed to create in year 2010 will be the most delicious food to me now
  2. The crunchy texture of fresh greens in the salad, in the sandwich, in the burger!
    I'm the cafe kinda person. I like to patron cafe occasionally with my-cafe-kinda-friend (you know who you are). I miss the freshly made sandwiches, burgers or salads that always come with generous amount of lettuce or rocket salad! Yum! Now, I can only imagine that in my daydreams. Or make a fool out of myself to order BLT without lettuce and tomatoes (duh!)
     photo 08drips.jpg
    Sandwich... With fresh greens...
     photo spinachsalad_zps108a1b5b.jpg
    I used to make this salad quite often for my dinner
  3. The fresh and sweet salmon sashimi
    Damn! I hate the fact I don't get to eat salmon sashimi and all the types of sushi I adore. The Man and I patron Japanese restaurant almost every weekend, if not every fortnightly. We have our favourite Jap restaurants list and everytime we go, we order the very same thing. Salmon sashimi is always one of them! DAMN!!!!
     photo 02-2.jpg
    Sashimi from my fave Jap restaurant in Penang, Miraku
     photo 03-1.jpg
    Sushi platter
  4. Jump into the pool or sea
    How I hated the fact that I fell behind the crowd of tourists to chase the whale shark simply because I can't jump into the sea from the boat. The Man and the guys on the boat have to help me to get down to the sea, VERY SLOWLY! Like, VERY VERY SLOW!
  5. Fit into any clothes or any space I need
    No kidding! Only after I  have to pack some of my clothes to make space for new maternity clothings in my wardrobe, I started to appreciate the slimmer me. I didn't think I was thin, but now I think I was. 
  6. Swimming as fast as I could
    I swim at least once every week before I am pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I still swim when I can when I found out I'm carrying a new life. But before the pregnancy, I always try to "compete" with the colleague I swam with. I never beat him, he's fast and physically it's impossible because he's 1.8m tall. Now, I can only swim that slow, so that I don't get breathless. 
  7. Running or Gym
    Even though in some websites, they still encourage mothers to run slowly. But it's not my options, I knew if I would do that, the whole kampong of people who care about me will probably chase me with a parang. I didn't run very fast, but running around for half an hour, is really an effective way of relieving stresses. But it isn't too bad now, I walk for half an hour when I can :)
  8. The freedom of ordering coffee whenever I want to
    I still drink coffee occasionally, once in a few weeks during my pregnancy. However, drinking coffee isn't something to wake me up anymore over the years. I order because I like the aroma, because I do not have any other things in the menu that I feel like I want to drink. If you don't give me the coffee, I won't die of cravings, I won't die of tiredness. I just simply like the aroma. And I can drink them in the mornings, or at nights. It has no effect on me. It's no longer the case now, I had a cup of kopi at 4pm, I couldn't sleep until 3am. My body no longer accustom to caffeine.
     photo 13icedcoffee_zps9ef1d8cc.jpg
    I like coffee so much, I tried making different variations of coffee at home
  9. Able to lie on my back and lift my legs
    No, we pregnant women are not supposed to do that, because that will strain our lower back and cause more pain. So no, I have been consciously and unconsciously trying to control myself in my sleep, to not sleep on my back. It's really hard. There are times when The Man woke me up to flip me to my side.
     photo 2_zps154e2bc0.jpg
    Admiring my shoes or my toes is not something as easy as it was
I am surprise the list stop at 9! I thought it should be longer, or maybe I just forgot (another sign of my pregnancy).

Perhaps I'll continue with them when I remember.

You'll notice I've used all the old photos in the post. Since I can't do any of them, I seriously don't have any new pictures for now.

Every pregnant woman has a different list, what's yours?


When There's No Space, I Create One

It happened during my 23 weeks.

On a lovely Friday, I started to notice a tinge of pain in my tummy. It happened when I changed my positions, from standing to sitting, from squatting to sitting, from half lying down to sitting upright etc. I was alarmed by that, I thought something seem weird.

At home before I slept, it got worse. It hurt when I lied on the bed. It hurts when I tried to get up. It hurts no matter what I tried to do. I was worried so I started to flip through my book, trying to understand what could be the cause for abdominal pain.

It helped a lot when the signs that I have to worry about (I googled in between the pains), supposed to be abdominal pain with bleeding and lots of discharge. It calm me down a little. Then I started to sing to the baby, hoping to soothe things out for both of us.

Even with that pain, I insisted to attend my weekly prenatal yoga on Saturday. I thought I could have just stop anytime if I didn't feel comfortable. To my surprise, the pain stopped during the class, and some time after the class.

Due to the fact that prenatal poses emphasize a lot on creating space in the body, I started to suspect that's what the Little Bey tried to do, creating space in my-apparently-not-big-enough-for-him-tummy.

So I started to observe my tummy whenever it hurts. When the pain was in the left, my tummy skew to the left. When the pain was at the bottom, my tummy skew towards the bottom. The pain lasted for a few seconds and then relieved.

All these sensations continued until Sunday. I tried my best to do more stretching than I normally do. And Tuesday, everything stopped.

And now (I wrote this on Tuesday), I noticed my tummy got bigger than yesterday.

So I guess Little Bey had made it, he stretched the hell out of my tummy to create enough space for him!

Because of the fact that I can't see how he stretched in my body, I can only imagine, so no picture for this entry. So use your imagination (: )

(*I'm in my 25 weeks as I post this draft I wrote two weeks ago)





 photo Untitled-2_zpsa062f7cc.jpg




It's a Boy!

During the first few weeks of the pregnancy, The Man had already dreamt that we have a baby boy. And he's incredibly intelligent, the first time we brought him home, he's already talking to the great grandfather!

Okay, it's just a dream.

However, somewhere down the road, I had a dream too! I dreamt we have a baby girl. I have even clearer vision of her, she has small eyes, definitely mono eyelid like me. And the best part was, she's funny, she's making everybody laugh!

Okay, again, it's just a dream!

I knew that we get to know the gender of baby during the detailed scan on 21-22 weeks. However, during the regular visit one month before the detailed scan, I was already eager to know. Mainly due to the dreams from both of us, and also I thought if I knew the gender earlier, it'll make my shopping easier. (It's not the case, I didn't start shopping until the baby was 23 weeks)

The doctor asked me if I'd like to know. Well of course! So we scanned, even though during that week, she wasn't planning an ultrasound scan for me.

I've already communicated well with the baby the day before. Things I learned from people who are more experienced. We massaged the belly, and told the baby to have the legs open as wide as possible, do not be shy, we want to see you!~

And Tadaa!!!!~~~~

(Talking to the baby works!)

It's a boy!
 photo Photo9-6-14103216pm_zpsd8f01f04.jpg
Important part is protected :)





在马尔代夫住的Holiday Inn Kandooma Resort,有带游客出海观赏鲸鲨的团,每位游客199美金(不含税)。看到这个天价,我还是忍着痛,参加了。









 photo whaleshark_zpsa745e7c1.jpg