Feed The Mommy——Cheat Pizza or Wrap

When I cook for only myself, I like to cook as simple as possible, least effort required but still taste good.

I always turn to my mom (if I'm cooking Chinese food) and Pinterest if I need any inspiration. As I've taken too much pasta (and bacon!) in the previous weeks, last week I bought a packet of wrap, and there goes my life with cheat pizzas and wrap for lunch.

Cheat pizza is great, but I have no imagination and only made tuna pizza. That's absolutely boring. So I go to Pinterest and search for pizza toppings. And boy oh boy, I never regret!

Mushrooms, Cherry Tomato and Spinach on Sundried Tomato Pesto

Easiest of all
I've got this idea from here. I've always loved sundried tomato pesto but never have I thought of using it as the base of the cheat pizza.

I did not have basil, I used baby spinach to ensure I have my daily greens. I actually top baby spinach on the pizza after it's done baking but it wasn't show in the picture.

Instead of using just Parmesan, I used my premixed package of cheese, with cheddar, Parmesan and Mozzarella, used primarily for baking. I think this premix is the life saver for people like me who do not want to grate the cheese myself.

Smoked Salmon and Avocado Pizza

Colourful combi

A closer look
I've got this idea from here.

And again I made some changes on my own, based on whatever I have. I didn't have dill so I skipped it. I didn't mix the cream cheese with garlic, instead I just spread them separately in layers on top of my wrap. I used my premixed cheese, I didn't add onions because I was feeling lazy, I didn't have rocket leaves so again I used baby spinach.

Love every bite of this pizza! Will definitely do this again when there's any promotion on avocado!

Roasted Vege Wrap with Avocado

All the greens, made me feel so healthy :P
I've got this idea from here.

But if you noticed, the author of the page says avocado dip. Mine? It's just avocado. I was too lazy to whip up the dip and I like avocado, I'm confident that with just plain avocado it'll taste good too. And I'm right.

I didn't quite like cauliflower so I replaced with broccoli, I didn't have chili powder, garam masala etc, so I seasoned the chickpeas and broccoli with only pepper, salt and mixed herbs.

As you can see from the picture above, I made so much fillings, my wrap cannot be wrapper and I ended up eating it like a pizza 😅

Buy a packet of wrap (always buy garlic flavoured!) and give it a try! It's soo sooo soooooo convenient and you can still make yourself healthy meal.



最近和一位大学同学联络上,联络上的原因就是我频频在脸书和Instagram PO自己书写或涂鸦的一些卡片。没想到有时候这些卡片会引起一点点小注意,就有朋友开始问我,怎么做的,该买什么样的笔,等等的问题。









我也有这样的一天,用youtube来顾孩子 ~_~;


对他,他有更多的活动。如果在家里,我忙着看顾他两,还有家务,还要煮三餐,都是在survivor mode中度过,根本就没有时间给他活动。而且,现在在学校都肯睡午觉了,心里稍微安慰一点。






Feed The Mommy——My Very Own Version of Carbonara

I like carbonara, but I haven't been eating for a long time due to my pregnancy. (The egg used in carbonara is not fully cooked) Actually, pregnancy is not the only reason, I can't feed my son half cooked eggs too, so I actually haven't been eating carbonara for a long time!

I used to cook carbonara using Jamie Oliver's recipe. I roughly remember how, but I wanted to be sure so I tried to search for it. But I can't find it! Dang! So instead, I browsed around a few other websites, and decided to just make up my own.

And you know what? I like my version, so much so I'd like to write it down for my future reference.

Carbonara and a cup of decaf


  1. Two slices of streaky bacon
  2. Two cloves of garlic
  3. A handful of baby spinach
  4. An egg
  5. Mixture of parmesan, cheddar, mozarella and feta cheese
  6. A tablespoon of cooking cream
  7. Pasta of your choice
  1. Separate egg white and yolk.
  2. Add the cheese mixture and cream into the egg white.
  3. Dice the bacon and mince the garlic.
  4. Cook the pasta as per instructed on the packet and fry the bacon.
  5. As the oil from streaky bacon ooze out, add the garlic into the pan.
  6. At the last minute of your pasta cooking, add the spinach (you do not want to overcook them, so one minute is just nice)
  7. Drain the water from your pasta and spinach, keep some pasta water. 
  8. Add the pasta and spinach into the pan, stir them well so the pasta would soak the delicious bacon oil.
  9. Take the pan off the heat.
  10. Slowly pour the egg white and cheese mixture in and stir them well. (If you think it's too thick, you can add a little pasta water you keep, I usually don't)
  11. Serve the pasta in a plate, make a small hole in the middle and place the egg yolk.
  12. Stir the pasta and egg yolk well before you eat, the heat from the pasta will cook the egg.

I really like how creamy this pasta is. Besides, a plate of good carbonara and coffee for lunch, makes it feel like I'm having a luxury me time in a cafe! (Even though I'm just really rushing off to cook myself a meal when baby is sleeping!)


Happy Mother's Day

In the past 31 months of being a mother, I have never really thought too much about future. It struck me the other day when I was in shower, that these two babies in the house are going to stick with me forever! Like how my mom is stuck with us.


Family, a group of people whom we grow up with, without ever given a choice.

You can unfriend a friend.
You can befriend an enemy.
You can breakup with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
You can divorce your partner.
You can resign from you employer.
You can hate an idol you used to love.

There are so many relationships in your world that you can chose to be involved, but not family. And of all, the bond between a parent to children has to be the most intimate of all.

Whether she's a terrible mother or a terrific mother, she's always going to be your mother, forever.
Whether he's a terrible father or a terrific father, he's always going to be your father, forever.
Whether your children are naughty or nice, they will always be your children, forever.

No return policy. Not even customer service to complain.

As a relatively new mother, just a few months shy from 3 years, I really hope I did okay and will do better! And I know everybody says the same and I'm still going to say it, you only realised how much your mother went through when you're one!

Happy Mother's Day!




说没有心灰是自欺欺人的。但日子总要过,漫漫长路还是得对自己好一点。Happy Mommy, Happy Family。自己要不放宽心,连累家人就不好。这些日子以来,还是要称赞枕边人的坚强,往往在我面对不了的时候,鼓励我。最重要的一句话,“自己都照顾不好自己,怎样照顾好他?”


去年从新西兰回来,决定小孩不可以再这样下去,积极的寻找治疗。Early intervention七月开始,Physiotherapy 十月开始。一路走来,进步不少。从不敢走路,变成牵着手走路。从只敢在室内走路,慢慢延伸到室外。从到游乐场哭哭啼啼,到现在在不抗拒(还是不玩,但至少不哭)。


















今天他的情况改进不少,我躺在床上陪他。听见隔壁的小孩告诉拜访的亲友:“Last night the baby beside me almost died.”。是的,我的哭声,我的喊叫声,是谁都会以为是那回事。当我看着他痉挛三次,一天里面三次,我也以为我会失去他。叫一个小小的身躯怎样承受这种痛苦?