Mother's Luck, Mother's Instinct

My son is sick again. He has a tendency of febrile seizure when his body temperature goes too high or changes too quickly. We hate having him fever, not that any parents would like it, but when fit is in the equation, there's even more reason to hate!

He had blocked nose after we came back from Penang. We've watched him carefully, and yesterday the blocked nose seem to get better. We thought it is a relief. But we did notice he kept drinking water. He hates drinking water. But since very young, every time before he falls sick he would drink a lot, and double eyelid would develop. Now that the double eyelid is fully permanent, it's no longer an indication.

We all went to sleep like our usual arrangement. We on our bed, he in his baby cot right next to me. Peacefully, or so we thought.

In my sleep this morning, 6.33am to be exact, I heard his voice, but not the usual one. I did not know what caught me, I jumped up immediately and shouted to The Man to switch on the lights. And we caught him in the middle of the fit. The Man acted quicker than I do as usual, he handled everything while I watched the time, prepare medicine, water, wet handkerchief, everything to pat the temperature down.

When everything is under controlled, I can only say, I'm relieved and I'm shocked. I'm relieved that with pure luck and instinct as my friend said, I managed to hear the little noise from him in my deep sleep. I'm shocked that, what if I didn't catch it, what if none of us hear it, what will happen!!!

I'm keeping him close tonight when I sleep. Real close.

I love him no matter what, I want him to be strong, healthy and happy. He's always my baby.

A collage auto created by Google Photos, my lovely dearest son


Modified Martha Stewart's Outrageous Chocolate Cookies

It's Christmas again! But this year, no party, no gift exchange, no... basically nothing.

But it doesn't feel like year end if I didn't fire up my oven and bake something. Plus I really want to give something to the school for helping all these months, so, I decided to bake the outrageous chocolate cookies I baked two year ago. And this first batch, as I remember it, was too sweet, even though I had already cut down the sugar from the original recipe.

It's so rich with chocolate, you'll have sore throat if you had too much!

So, when I decided to bake for second time, I know I still have to do something about the sugar level. So, this is what I do to make it somewhat to my likings.


  • 4 ounces of semisweet chocolate, 4 ounces of unsweetened chocolate, roughly chopped
  • 4 tbsp of salted butter (I always use salted butter, no matter what the recipe suggests)
  • 2/3 cup of plain flour
  • 1/2 tsp of baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp of salt (but for this batch unfortunately I realized I accidentally put 1 tsp)
  • 2 large eggs
  • 120grams of brown sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 12 ounces of semisweet chocolate chunks (I used chocolate buttons)

As of the methods, I followed exactly the same as the original recipe. My oven can be a little less hot on the bottom rack, so the bottom rack has to be baked for 15 minutes while the upper rack baked for 12 minutes. 

I packed the cookies into a very non glamorous disposable take away container (I wished I could have bought the nicer packaging on weekends when we go out) and drew a simple card and wrote a thank you note. 

I'm glad The Man told me it's good when I asked him to try (whether it's good enough to give away) and the lovely teachers told me it's nice too :)

I'm glad I made it, even though I finished baking after 12am! >.<

I actually love midnight baking.

Don't Take Things for Granted

Favourite spot in living room, on my coffee table

I have countless moments where I want to tell parents, don't complain, don't take this naughty action of your child granted, don't. Because you know what, I want that. Quite badly.

When my son finally climbed up to the coffee table (because my sister was seen by him eating banana in the video call we had), we cheered, we clapped for him, we encouraged him, we grinned from ear to ear. When he does that again and again, I don't stop him, I didn't tell him he's naughty, in fact, I told him he's doing well. Then he got down from the table, climb onto the sofa, and trying to reach the top of the sofa. I watched him closely, guided him, stood behind him in case he falls, but I wanted so badly to see him practice these skills.

I have IKEA catalog or some unwanted magazines around for him. So that he can flip them, so that he can tear them, it's just so that he can practice the not-so-commonly-thought-as-skills type of skills that he's lacking of. But I want him to be more consistent.

When he refused to sleep on our bed, and rolled down and got down of the bed on his own. I smiled. Let him walk around until he's satisfied before I put him back in his prison (cot) so that he can't get out anymore. But I'm proud that he had finally overcome his fear to get down of the bed on his own.

When he tried to reach for his Mickey Mouse in his cot from my bed, and accidentally fell into it. And not crying, just a bit frightened, I taught him how to get in properly. I taught him how to climb up to my bed when he wants to. Because, I want to know, so badly that he can do it.

And I'm so glad that he is now telling us he does not want something by shaking his head rigorously. Milk? No no! Carry? No no! A stranger auntie tried to touch him in hawker last weekend, he looked at her and shake his head. I was really glad auntie respected him and did not touch him. When The Man asked him, milk? He shook. And he asked again, "are you sure?", he nodded. Good boy, now I wasted much lesser milk than I did in past one month.

All these, listed above are some improvements achieved from time to time with a lot of practice, training, sweat and tears.

So, to all parents out there, please, don't take it for granted.


Have You Ever Thought of

Have you ever thought about the meaning of holding wake and funeral?
Do you really think the dead need them? Or you think the ones that stay alive need them more?
I think funerals are for the live. It's a closure to the family, it's time for the friends and relatives to show concern to those who needed them the most during the period of time.
To feel hopeful, to feel warm.
When everything's done and over, life goes on.

Have you ever thought about the what ifs when you die?
I did, a lot, since young. I wonder if my soul will leave the body.
I wonder if I will be mourned by my loved ones. And I wonder if I'd mourned for my own death, for not wanting to leave.
Now I am a mother myself, I wonder what will happen to my children. Who will take care of them? Will the care taker know their schedule? Or will the schedule changed to suit the new care taker?
Can my husband cope? Does he know how much my son is eating? How much sleep he needs? Who's going to take care of my husband? Who will remind him not to eat so much McD and eat more fruits?
Or maybe, should I assign a guardian for my children? In case both of us left. I always think the person should be my sister, I'm always sure she loves my children unconditionally.

Have you ever thought that fear of death is when you feel more alive?
If you care enough to know that, anything shitty thing could have happened one day too sudden to take your life away from you, you'll make sure you live every minute. And you'll make sure you do what you want to do. Because, heck, life is too fragile.

I have thought of all these, and I feel alive.


Quest East Perth

It's tough to look for an ideal lodging. I'm the Airbnb kinda traveller but The Man is not. I was looking for some Airbnbs until he voiced this out, and I actually looked into both hotels and Airbnb to find something that suits both of us.

And we found Quest East Perth.

Quest East is not exactly a hotel, it's not exactly an apartment, it's an apartment hotel. So you have a front desk that does your hotel check-ins and check-out, but your room is kind of like apartment, you chose your room type like studio apartment, one bedroom apartment, two bedroom apartment etc. We're a small family, so we took a studio apartment.

It's not a huge apartment but it's really just nice for the three of us.

The king size bed

The wardrobe, small kitchen (with everything you need), small dining table.

A work desk and a sofa

View from the room

When I said the small kitchen has everything you need. I meant it!


Cook ware

Pots and pans of different sizes

Bowls, grater, chopping board 

Toaster, brush, sponge, and cleaning cloth

And on the third day, I realised they even have a set of three different sizes lunch box (microwaveable). I used that to bring banana bread for my son in case he's hungry on the road. Nice!

Besides, if you'd like to do laundry, it's FOC. There are two washing machines and two dryers at level 1 and even the detergent is provided, FOC too! There's a small gym at the same level, don't expect anything fantastic, pretty basic but good enough.

There's no parking provided, you can book a parking lot from them, which is actually Wilson carpark at the opposite street at AUD30 a day. I calculated the cost, if I didn't book I had to pay about AUD27-28 a night. It's about the same so your choice.

We had a little hiccup during the check-in. Small matters and it's sorted out pretty soon, thanks to the very helpful front desk lady, Megan. I actually wrote it in the review in Tripadvisor. And the management took time to reply to my review. Very attentive!

Quest East Perth is really new. When we checked in, they're just open for about two weeks. It's clean, it's new, everything is bright and shining. We love it :)



Caversham Wildlife Park--Close Encounters with the Animals

Australia is one of the countries with most exotic wild lives, very different from what can be found around the world. Therefore, most tourists will take this opportunity (especially on the first visit to Australia) to come close to the animals.

We're not very interested in zoo. In addition to that, my friend told me Singapore Zoo is much better than Perth Zoo, it justified our decision. So we chose Caversham, simply because we got to touch the koala and wombat, feed the kangaroos, and also come close to some other animals.

Barking owl

Kookaburra, the biggest king fisher species

Common brushtail possum. This gold colour possum is native to Tasmania

Everybody goes to Caversham for the three big stars, kangaroos, koalas and wombat. But Caversham has more to offer, it's almost a mini zoo. However, I have to say they're not very well managed. The animals look mostly sad and depressed in the very small enclosures. Besides, the animals seem to be repeating on and on and on at different part of the park. It's almost like they have a lot of spaces, so they decided, ok, we have a lot of this animal, let's put it here again. After a while, it's just tiring to go through all the animals.

Wombats and koalas are animals which sleep most of the time. Therefore, there are timings for visitors to take photos with them and to understand them a little bit more from the keepers. So if you're planning a visit, do take note of the timings so you don't miss anything.

With the sleeping wombat

So cute and cuddly

He's probably counting his move to pull the koala
 As for kangaroos, they can be fed all the time during the opening hours. But they have more than enough food from all the stupid tourists like us, sometimes they just couldn't be bothered. But you can take a selfie with them, that's good enough for me.

He's a little afraid of the roos when they stand up, but he likes furry stuffs so he did kiss them from the back
Food? Nah, I can't be bothered.
Besides the three stars, they have farm show and penguin feeding show too, which we missed. We did walk to both areas, and I have to say, I can't take the pungent smell coming from the guinea pigs in the farm. I had to leave, immediately!!! As for the penguins, well, we got more from Penguin Island so, nah, not important to us.

AUD28 per adult (no additional charges for photo taking and petting)
FOC for children under three year old

Free parking at Car Park 8 just outside the park.