Holiday Inn Kandooma Resort

Holiday Inn Kandooma Resort is located in South Male Atoll.

Maldives consists of approximately 1,192 islands and  they're divided 26 atolls. Some of the islands are so small, they're not inhabited. And most of the islands are so tiny, the resort own the entire island. The island that Holiday Inn owns, is Kandooma Island.

Holiday Inn Kandooma is approximately 45 minutes boat ride away from Male Airport. And the return boat ride for an adult cost USD209! (It costed more than my air ticket)

Anyway, let me try to start this with a proper arrangement.

Due to my "special condition", I've informed the hotel reception a day earlier and hope that they take note of it. Well, they take more than just a note.

When we arrived in the airport, the hotel was already there to pick us up. They took our luggages, tagged them, knew right away that I have two different bookings (because different room types), and already giving me some privileges, i.e. best spot on the boat, extra caring, more water and more towels :P

During our stay, we complained that there was no wifi signal in the room. We didn't expect anything because we did notice they're repairing the cables in the island. Therefore, when they asked us to call the counter when we're back to the room, we didn't really bother. The next morning, I went to the counter to look for my lost hat, and I mentioned the room number. Immediately the attentive receptionist recognized the room number, and passed us a small portable wifi. Whoa! Impressed!

Besides, on our last day, we were given early check in to the new luxury room, and late check out due to the late night flight, for free! ^^ Can't be more happy than that!

But sometimes they can be too enthusiastic, almost everyday the receptionist would call us in the room to ask if we're satisfied with the room, if we need anything etc. Well, I mean, I would tell you if I need anything... Don't need to call me everyday :P

The Room:
We've stayed in two different types of rooms. The first few nights in Beach Villa.

 photo HI01_zpsbbc28659.jpg
The very welcoming bed

 photo HI02_zpsc33faad7.jpg
Coffee counter and the rest

 photo HI03_zps779fd419.jpg
Outdoor shower :)

 photo HI04_zpsf0f65c7d.jpg
Coffee counter, with 6 complimentary oranges everyday

 photo HI09_zpsff55fc82.jpg
Hammock outside the room

 photo HI10_zps186a6794.jpg
If hammock is not your thing, there's also sofa

 photo HI11_zps8fda111c.jpg
Outside the room, facing the seaside

The last night, we stayed in Overwater Villa.

 photo HI13_zps838f38ee.jpg
The bed and living room

 photo HI15_zps79d37613.jpg
The path that leads to hammock and the sea

 photo HI16_zps9a77da0d.jpg
The "outdoor" bath tub

 photo HI18_zpsd4e4bb42.jpg
Going back to the room

 photo HI19_zpsc8713d39.jpg
The "outdoor" shower

 photo HI20_zpsbda2f98c.jpg

I have nothing to complain about the room (except for the price). The view was fantastic, anytime anyday. If studies show that blue color is good for your eyes, I have the best eyesight for the 5 days stay in Maldives. Everyday we're flooded with different shades of blue.

However, if you ever wanted to stay in Holiday Inn Kandooma, I will advice you not to take the bigger beach villa as shown below.

 photo HI12_zps87223be4.jpg
Bigger beach villa

The space of this bigger unit was double the beach villa we stayed in. However, the ground floor is completely wasted. It is plainly a hang out area, with hammock, sofas, tables and chairs. The upper level is where you sleep. But the effective space was essentially similar to the beach villa we stayed in. Not worth the price seriously.

The Food:
The food was a ripped off too. Because you're totally depending on the resort to provide you food. You have nowhere else to go, unless you go for a fishing trip, which was still, under the resort.

So, we paid for half board when we booked the room. I can't remember how much was that, but it's definitely not worth for what we have eat but that's the only choice you've got. The breakfast was nice (phew..), I liked the breakfast so I normally spend a lot of time in the morning to enjoy the food and fill my tummy.

 photo HI05_zpsb8216165.jpg
Kandooma Cafe which we had our daily breakfast and dinner 

However, the dinner wasn't so great. It has its ups and downs. The best thing we had was the Penang Hokkien Mee that the executive chef cooked specially for us. Other than that, I can only remember the Indian Food buffet one of the nights.

There are other choice of restaurants, i.e. the pizza place (I forgot the name), the "atas" fine-dining restaurant, the bar etc. But the most economical was always the buffet.

Overall, we had very pleasant stay in Holiday Inn Kandooma.

There was only one thing that we really have to minus off the point, was the change of service immediately after the check out. Even though with a late check out, we still have to spend approximately 4 hours in the common area. While we're waiting, the weather was so hot I couldn't take it anymore so I asked for water from the receptionist. And guess what, I was asked to purchase from the souvenir store, which costed me USD3 for 500ml!


When we checked in, we're the kings and queens in the resort. When we checked out, even still within the premises, nah..... lady, you're on your own!

This would probably be my biggest complaint over the entire stay. Other than that, it was really a very relaxing holiday, and healthy too!











 photo 15_zpsa8e381f3.jpg



先是口味的转变,再来motion sickness,接下来还有什么在等待?


一碗Penang Hokkien Mee

入住Holiday Inn Kandooma的第一晚,我们收到了邀请函,邀请我们到隔天傍晚Diving Centre的Welcome Party。我们在岛上,闲着也是闲着,倒不如去看看那里是什么状况。



那位男士名叫Vincent Tan。他是酒店的Executive Chef。我们一群人用我们熟悉的语言天南地北的谈了好多以后,我的肚子实在按耐不住,饿了。我们先告辞,然后吃完饭去。

在餐厅那里,还是遇见了Vincent Tan(当然啦!),他向我询问我们坐在哪里,然后为我们碰上一人一碗热腾腾的槟城福建面!

 photo 16_zps7a1676e7.jpg



就这样,我们在马尔代夫,吃一碗Executive Chef为我们的煮的槟城福建面。

真是爽啊 :)


Sun, Sea, Beach! Glorious Island Holidays at Maldives

 photo 02_zps5f25772c.jpg
Different shade of blue caused by the sudden change in depth of the sea bed

I've always had a love-hate relationship with island holidays. I love the sun, the blue blue sea, the sandy beaches, the relaxing days, the calming sound of waves, the quiet underwater world, and forever busy fishes!

But, my skin doesn't love it so much. Every time I expose myself too much to UV on an island holidays, I come back with serious rashes that eventually leads to MC. Never fails!

However bad the condition is, I still brave myself to go for another one.

Maldives, a place where many claim to be paradise, best spot for honeymooners. A place we know, it's very expensive!

 photo 03_zps18ddd2ec.jpg
The luxurious over water villa

 photo 09_zps7c62ca8f.jpg
Nothing seems to beat sunbathing with a bottle of icy cold water

We've got our air tickets to Maldives at cheap. We bought them during MAS promotion, and it was cheaper than AirAsia and Tiger Airways! And that, I swear to you that is going to be the cheapest item for your entire stay in Maldives.

We stayed in Holiday Inn Kandooma Resort which was having some promotion when we booked. However, even with the promotion, it was the most expensive hotel lodging I've ever paid for since I started actively travel. But, if you were to compared with the other highly recommended luxury resorts, Holiday Inn may be one of the cheapest with reasonable good standard and service. (I'll talk about the hotel in a separate entry)

I totally agree with the claim that Maldives is one of the best spot for honeymooners, well, luxurious honeymooners at least.

You wake up every morning, enjoying a nice walk on the island, strolling with your lover slowly to the cafe to have your daily 1-2 hours breakfast. After breakfast, if you have not prepared for a sun bathing or swimming, you might again, make your way back to the room, change and get ready.

Then, you'll be applying sun block (or sun tan for some people) by the beach for each other. You might be reading a book by the beach, listening to music, meditating, sleeping, swimming, snorkeling etc. That might be another few hours of your day.

 photo 06_zps27e9cacb.jpg
Swimming and snorkeling at the lagoon

 photo 05_zps21aac39b.jpg
Just find any of the corner to relax

 photo 04_zpsdf14d930.jpg
Everybody has a fave spot to read a book

By the time it hit 1-2pm, the sun is scorching hot to stay under it. You go back to your room, enjoy an outdoor shower. Probably, fall asleep again? Or, go to a spa for massage or facial. Or, to gym. Or, to read on your hammock.

 photo 07_zpsd6eae481.jpg
Or you can hide in the bushes like these hermit crabs

In the evening, when the sun is kinder. Everybody is out from room again. Some playing volleyball, some swimming, some learning surfing or sailing, some just taking pictures. Then, you'll have another 1-2 hours or even longer time for dinner.

 photo 12_zps05cb4508.jpg
Sail away to the paradise

By the time you go back to your room, you're so relaxed, you might fall asleep before 9pm. And you sleep all the way through until you wake up in the morning, naturally without the alarm clock at 6am to catch a glimpse of the sunrise.

 photo 13_zpsb6dac1de.jpg
The sunrise

 photo 14_zpsb99946a1.jpg
The sunset

It does sound like a perfect relaxing holiday isn't it?

Until you want to join other activities. Every single activities are charged. Snorkeling, diving, cruise to picnic island, fishing, searching for sea turtle, searching for whale shark etc. We didn't join all the activities obviously, but The Man did diving and we went for snorkel with whale shark together. Snorkel with whale shark was the highlight of my trip (will talk about this in later entry), however, the price was USD199 per pax, without tax. After tax, we paid almost USD500 in total for 2 pax. For the whale shark!

Besides, the short snorkel we had after seeing the whale shark was nothing compared to what we had in Sipadan Island. Same goes to The Man's diving trip. Disappointment of lack of beautiful corals and rare fishes makes us conclude that South East Asia still hold better spots for diving and snorkeling. We might be wrong for making this conclusion based on one small island among the thousands in Maldives. But comparing just Kandooma Island and Sipadan Island, Kandooma is nothing compared to Sipadan, underwater.

So I shall say Maldives is only paradise on land. The luxurious hotel that makes you feel like you deserves every single good service they can provide, at a price of course.

My colleague did say something very interesting about luxurious island getaway. We pay to be trapped in the island.

From source

No doubt.

But man, I paid to be trapped and I enjoyed to be trapped. (Sound unreasonably stupid!)

I enjoyed because it's the most healthy 5 days I've been; I enjoyed because it's so relaxing I forgot everything in a further red dot island; I enjoyed because I never get tired of the different shades of blue every single day.

But will I go back again? Well, most likely not. I guess I will explore the cheaper and better spots in South East Asia instead.






正当胃口渐渐恢复正常,大概是8-9周左右吧,我的味蕾开始出现让人极度不舒服的变化。我的舌尖上,无缘无故出现让人难受的metallic taste。这个taste可让我痛苦了。好多食物吃进嘴巴里,就变另一种味道。好多食物渐渐变得不好吃,尤其好多蔬菜让人觉得难以下咽。但逼于无奈,宝宝健康成长需要蔬菜,我还是逼自己吃。

这味道让我开始嗜甜嗜辣。唯有这两种味道可以帮助掩蔽metallic taste。至于甜食,最有效的便是水果,因此,我变成无水果不欢,每天下午晚上各一种水果,柳橙、苹果、梨子、芒果、草莓、杨桃、香蕉、猕猴桃等等,天天替换,反正家里这少有两种水果,办公室里还有一种。不过,最常吃的还是苹果,最爱。

 photo fruits_zps28d8eddb.jpg
Fruits! Glorious fruits! (摄于2011年巴塞罗那)



晚餐比较容易决定,总是由雪柜里有什么就煮什么,就不必想太多。 而且,雪柜里的groceries多半是同男人周末一同买的,他已经帮我决定了一半 :)








 photo Photo10-4-1492250pm_zps7e83ed3f.jpg



真奇妙,第一次照超声波的时候,宝宝才一个圆圈般大小。第二次,宝宝已在成型中,可清晰听见如火车班的心跳声,还有刚刚长出的limb buds,而且她/他已经15.7mm大了!

Chicken Stew

The Man loves stew, anything stew, and his favourite is seafood stew. So far he had called the seafood stew in DB Bistro his favourite, best stew he can find in the town.

But seafood is so hard to handle, and so hard to get very fresh seafood, no luck to get them from supermarket and I had not ventured to any wet market as of yet. I'm scared! :P

As per The Man's request to try stew some time ago, I tried making chicken stew. And he loves it :) He likes it so much, we've made for ourselves and also when we had his friends invited to our party. What's best about stew? You keep the leftovers in the fridge, and they taste even better the next day! Yay!

I've always cooked the clear soup based chicken stew. And to my surprise, even we have loved it so much, I've never had a proper photo taken of the stew. I'll make sure I take a nice one and share the recipe in the future.

Anyway, today I decided to try with a tomato soup based chicken stew. It's nice and fragrant, but somehow I prefer the clear soup ones that we've always eaten.

 photo 06_zps7996fac8.jpg
Chicken stew

1. 2 chicken drumsticks
2. 1 big potato
3. 1 carrot
4. 2 stalks of celery
5. 1/2 onion
6. 2 cloves of garlic
7. 500ml chicken stock
8. 3-4tbsp of tomato paste
9. Dried herbs

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius
2. Dice potato, carrot, celery and onion
3. Slightly fry the chicken drumstick on the pan until they're slightly brown and take them out from the pan and leave them aside
4. Sautee onion and celery
5. Add carrots, potatoes, garlic (slightly smash the cloves), and drumsticks into the pan
6. Stir in the tomato paste and add the chicken stock and herbs
7. Cover the pan and bring the soup to simmer
8. Pour the soup into a casserole and put into the oven for 30mins
9. Serve with pasta or bread

The recipe had suggested to add 1kg of drumsticks to the 500ml chicken stock. I always prefer more soup than the chicken, and more potatoes than chicken, I've chose to only use two drumstick. You can tweak the amount to your preference.

I think for a tomato paste based soup, I would still prefer a minestrone. But oh well, this is good enough for me tomorrow, I'll just have to heat my dinner up!




周一晚上,一如往常我为我两准备晚餐。一心想做个懒人,我用小电饭煲煮饭,上层蒸豆腐配鸡肉和橄榄菜,再用oven把周末煮的chicken stew弄热。唯一需要开锅煮的,就是超蒜苗配腊肠。






 photo 04_zps97d1897d.jpg
蒸鸡肉 (iPhone)

1. 鸡肉(最好是去骨的chicken thighs)
2. 葱
3. 少许盐和麻油

1. 将鸡肉切块,涂上少许盐。
2. 把鸡肉摆在盘子里,撒上麻油(多少由个人喜好决定)。
3. 依据电饭煲的指示开始蒸。
4. 蒸好以后,把切好的葱洒在鸡肉上。把盖子关上,稍微焖五分钟。


 photo 05_zps5bb01949.jpg
炒芹菜配肉松 (iPhone)


懒人们,可以试试 :)






今天,我怀胎15周5天。 发现怀孕以来,身体陆陆续续出现了变化。不过为了有更好的纪录,我决定chronologically地写,就从我发现自己怀孕的那一刻开始。








但是,由于我处于denial stage,我也忽略了一些微症状。比如说,在我没有改变饮食习惯的情况之下,体重增加一公斤;比如说,即便每天努力做运动,肚腩好像越来越大;比如说,经期前多半出现的青春痘并没有报道;比如说,胸部胀胀的,比平时月经来潮时严重。







 photo photo-2_zpsc601f8c4.jpg


验孕棒也有不准的时候,因此看妇产科医生要紧,尤其一定要在回家过年前把事情搞清楚。我打电话,足足打了三间诊所,终于都有人肯收留我walk in。我也不管三七二十一,请假就到诊所等。



她用短短的两秒,指着荧幕上的黑点,然后说:“Mommy, you're pregnant。”

 photo photo_zps0dee1357.jpg














 photo 01_zps72d35289.jpg





因此,今天第四天, 我深信自己一定成功,我真的成功好好的用这个可爱的小饭锅了!

 photo 02_zps00da57f5.jpg

  1. 四格的米加四格的水 (我一个人吃)
  2. 半条小腊肠
  3. 半个马铃薯/土豆
  4. 一把green peas
  5. 一丁点酱油(少过一茶匙,因为腊肠已经很有味道)

 photo 03_zpsc541dd14.jpg